Makeup Staples

Makeup Staples

It took me a long time to get where I am. But I wanted to share my makeup essentials. Switching to “natural” skin care isn’t as easy at it seems. My journey started about 8 years ago. I will do another post about how I got here and what led me to my non-toxic path.

I think one thing that is usually overlooked when it comes to your health are the cosmetics we use and the ingredients in these items we put on our skin. I think it’s easy to talk about the food we consume and how that can effect us from the inside out but often forgotten is what we put on our skin. Makeup for me has always been something fun and given me confidence but over the years I have discovered how harmful some of the ingredients can be to our skin and not only cause breakouts but overtime could potentially cause underlying health problems. That being said; as somebody that is conscious about the food I ingest, it only makes sense to be just as conscious about my cosmetics. The skin is the largest organ of the body; taking and absorbing everything you put on it, which unfortunately means the good or not so good.

This natural/organic make up and skin care journey didn’t happen all at once and don’t feel overwhelmed because it’s definitely not something that can be changed overnight. This has been a process and the result of a lot of trial and error; as well as, experimenting with different products. I have found that with there being so many different natural/organic products and companies out there, I needed to be very careful when looking at ingredients. A lot of research and delving into the companies themselves was done and especially finding products with truly high-quality ingredients.

What was most frustrating for me when I first started out was that just because something is organic or made with “the good stuff” doesn’t mean it will suit your skin type and won’t break you out. Like I said, it’s definitely a process but oh, so worth it! It’s difficult when you’re used to using a certain product and loving the way it looks on your skin but knowing it could be doing potential damage to it. Something I still struggle with is finding an equivalent product that will look and feel as good as “drugstore” brands.

By no means have I “figured it out”. I am still learning and definitely still have a few of those drugstore favorites in my makeup bag. My goal is to eventually only have things in my bag I can be proud of putting on my skin. I would also like to say that all three of my staples are brands that I seriously use and would recommend to anyone.

So, onto a few of my favorites! All products listed are cruelty-free, vegan, and formulated without gluten, fragrance, parabens or sulfates. Click the photo of the product to be sent to their website to purchase. I would also encourage you check out their about page to learn more about the brands.

I will start first with primer. My go to primer is by 100 Percent Pure. This brand was one of the first to come up on my radar. I definitely encourage you check out their about page to learn more about this brand. This primer is made with seaweed collagen and is silicone-free. I have found that in the middle of Summer and freezing temps of Winter, this primer keeps my makeup looking fresh. I actually purchased this primer originally for my wedding day and I haven’t stopped using it since!

Second in my routine is Hynt Beauty’s Duet Perfecting Concealer. I had always preferred a liquid concealer and this was the most difficult switch to all natural. I needed something that was going to cover not only dark circles but blemishes as they pop up, without showing texture. Wow oh wow, this product is SO incredibly opaque. You hardly need any to apply this and it will cover just about anything. Therefore, it also lasts quite a long time! Hynt is another one of those great brands with not only amazing quality products but both the lid and glass jar are recyclable.

And lastly, for my base is Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Powder Foundation. Being someone who always used liquid foundation, I never thought powder would work for me or have the coverage I was looking for. This foundation has really impressed me. I’ve been using this as my main foundation for about a year now and I still have some left in the container. By tapping the powder into the lid I can then apply it with a very dense brush in mini circles to really blend it in and get a flawless finish. Using the powder in conjunction with the other two products mentioned. My skin looks great all day with minimal touch-ups.

I hope this takes some of the confusion and possible hesitance out of this difficult switch to natural makeup. If you’ve been thinking about it and or just wondering what little switches you can make in your daily routine-I say, DO IT! The next time you’re getting close to running out of your foundation, etc., make the switch!

As always, thank you for reading.

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