September 2nd 2019

3 years ago I married my honey.

On the first day of Spring 4 months prior Joshua proposed. We knew we didn’t want a long engagement but little did I know I would be planning a full on Wedding in four months time! I did all the planning myself and honestly, I would do it all again today! Stressful, yes but so insanely fun planning what is supposed to be one the best days of your life.

Our Wedding was unique in that we had our ceremony and reception separated by a few weeks. The intimate ceremony took place at an historic estate with 11 of our closest family members. We shared a meal together for the first time as a whole family. One of my most cherished memories and photographs. Then Josh and I promptly left for our honeymoon. We had a week between the honeymoon and our reception to get settled at home and fully unpack. Then on the 17th we celebrated with all of our friends and family for one BIG carnival!

The morning of the ceremony when I woke up, it felt like a dream. Then quickly turned frantic as I realize I’ve overslept and need to leave shortly with it being a nearly 2 hour drive to the venue. Packed in the car was my mother, father and two sisters (I was sandwiched in the middle) with curlers in my hair and smashing a bowl of oatmeal. As we are nearing the estate, I look to my sister and say I feel like I need a bracelet to wear-she grabs hers and pulls it off her wrist, handing it to me saying, “This can be your something borrowed”.

I got ready that day in a small cottage on the property. I did my own hair and makeup (which I probably wouldn’t have done looking back). We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day and I was just so thankful. Josh and I exchanged letters before the ceremony. My mom helped me into my dress and shoes and down the stairs I went to have my first look with my father. The emotions in the room were palpable. I just couldn’t believe the day was finally here.

My father and I hopped on the back of a golf cart and were taken to the ceremony location. The nerves start to kick in but I am so excited to finally see Josh. My father and I were given the cue to start walking and I immediately grab his arm and say, “Don’t let me fall” as he responds, “Never”. Walking down the aisle, I just remember not seeing anything but Josh, almost like tunnel vision. I walked down to Andrew Birds’ “Hover I”.

After the ceremony, our photographers swept us off to have some photos done alone. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the day, exploring the gardens and historic architecture of the property.

We then rejoined our family for dinner catered by the lovely Mountain Laurel Catering and of course cake (made by my mother). While we ate my sister had created a playlist of some of the most amazing songs. I have the playlist linked below.

Fast forward two weeks….

The Carnival

My father volunteers at a local fire company so we used their space.

We were brought in on a vintage fire truck surrounded by all of our friends and family!

We seriously couldn’t have pulled off this day without our friends and families help-they did so much behind the scene work and setting up before we got there. What an amazing gift that was!

Games to play, food truck with some of our favorites, music by Coal Town Rounders, and a towering funnel cake dubbed Wedding cake. We also had ice cream and tapped soda from our local favorites.

I’ve never really shared a lot of these photographs and thought it was time to properly showcase them! I will never forget either of these days and just how special they both were. Now, together nearly 7 years and celebrating 3 years of marriage today, I can’t imagine my life without him.

I hope you enjoyed looking through these as much as I did reliving both days.

Dinner Playlist: Spotify

Photographer: Caitlin and Aaron

Florals: Fosters Flowers

Ceremony Venue: Historic Shady Lane

Reception Venue: Southside Fire Company

Catering: Mountain Laurel Catering

Food Truck: J&M Concession

Band: Coal Town Rounders

Ice Cream: Maurer’s

Soda Tap: Catawissa Bottling Company

Dress (custom cut) : Venus Bridal

Earrings: Etsy

Brides Shoes: Modcloth

Grooms Suspenders: Etsy

Grooms Bow tie: Etsy

Grooms Shoes: Steve Madden

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